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During... inspirational Christian poem by Judith Johnson Kypta
During those times when I was lost
He guided me along life's way
Seeing.... What I couldn't
Watching, so I didn't stray

During times when I couldn't see
He gave me wisdom to understand
In making decisions, I was free
Yet if needed, He'd lend me a hand

During times when I felt so broken
I could feel his presence…. All around
Feeling his strength, 'Tho no word spoken
Sensing His love, yet He uttered not a sound

During times when I was waiting
On Him answer my prayers
He was teaching me to be patient
Trusting Him…. With all my cares

During…. My trials and tribulations
He gives a "Peace" that is so sweet
Giving up to Him, praise and adoration's
While I set my fears…. At His feet

During my very best of moments
He was there…. Sharing my happiness
Me, His child that He loves so much
During it all, I know I am BLESSED!

Judith Johnson Kypta©2005

Romans 8:2
For the law of the Spirit of life
In Christ Jesus hath made me
Free from the law of sin and death.

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Heavenly Poetry by Judith Johnson Kypta
Poem: "During" by Judith Johnson Kypta used with permission
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