<BGSOUND SRC="midi/playingpeekaboo.mid" LOOP="10">
Midi: "Playing Peek A Boo"
Sequencer:  Unknown

I overheard my neighbor's child.
"Peek A Boo ... I love You,"
I watched and listened for a while.
The little girl skipped down the walk,
Humming as she moved.
From time to time, I'd see her stop,
And sing her childish tune.

"Peek A Boo ... I see You,"
Her sweet face looked so intent.
"Peek A Boo ... I love You,"
Then down the path she went.

I saw her do this several times,
Poor, lonesome child, I thought.
She only has a nursery rhyme,
To go with her on her walk.

"Peek A Boo ... I see You,"
She did it then once more.
"Peek A Boo ... I love You,"
Then I scurried out my door.

I could not stand it any longer,
What did this child see?
I hurried up and caught her,
Hoping she'd explain to me.

"Peek A Boo ... I see You,"
Her face buried in some daisies.
"Peek A Boo ... I love You,"
Was this child crazy?

"Honey," I call out to her,
"What are you looking at?"
(I may have to tell her mother,
And I needed all the facts.)

She gave me then a vacant stare,
And said, "There's nothing wrong.
I see Lord Jesus everywhere,
That's why I sing my song."

"Mama says He's in the flowers,
And He's in the bushes and the trees.
And He's in rainbows and in showers,
And He's even in the breeze."

"I see Him everywhere I look,
And I like to tell Him so.
You see, He's not just in The Book,
He's everywhere I go."

"Peek A Boo ... I see You,"
I peeked into her precious face.
"Peek A Boo ... I love You,"
Then I thanked God for such grace.

~And a little child shall lead them ~

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