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The Romance Begins

OK, I'm the oldest......I get to go first!

(Geeze, I wonder how many times I've said that in my lifetime?)

This is my love...Gary

He's holding his love :-)

My Honey, Gary..holding his 'sole' mate. OK, it isn't sole, it's a sturgeon:)


I was only joking about fishing being Gary's love. I always come first...right after CLAMS! Digging, cooking or eating....he loves clams....then me....then fishin'.

I thank the Lord everyday for the Big "G". He is truly the perfect mate for me....and there isn't a doubt in my mind that he is God's answer to moms prayers to give me "A good man."

The road to Gary was a long one. It was worth the trip.

Elizibeth Taylor was once quoted as saying "I love being married, that's why I've done it so many times." Well, Liz, I can relate to that:-)

I married the first time at the age of seventeen. There were problems from the beginning....but I loved him, I believe he loved me, so we kept trying to make it work. Four kids and sixteen years later we finally just gave up.

I jumped from the frying pan into the fire and remarried about six months later. I told myself I had learned some lessons, and would not waste another sixteen years trying to make a bad relationship good. That marriage lasted one year and two weeks. It would have ended in an annulment the first week, but the attorney said fraud was the only grounds in our state, and that a crazy man posing as a sane one didn't constitute fraud.

I stayed single for the next fifteen years and took care of my kids......except for that one time in 1985 when I told myself that I knew what my past problems had been. I had always let my heart rule me.....and my heart liked handsome, charming men. A good friend had been asking me to marry him for some time. He had many good qualities,and was the opposite of all previous relationships. So I gave into the nesting urge again. Friendship is a good beginning, but trust me, a marriage needs love...real love...to work. Eleven months(the old 'don't waste time' theory)later we divorced. Too bad cuz now we weren't even good friends any longer.

At that point I decided my mom's prayers weren't working, and that I needed to have a little talk with Jesus about the situation myself. I said "Lord, I'm tired of trying to do your job for you. I'm not very good at it...so I guess it's time to turn it over to you. You created Eve for Adam. I do not believe you meant for me to be lonely....so I'll just wait patiently until YOU decide who, where and, when.

Five years later, a friend was getting married and invited me to her wedding. You may not believe this, considering my history, but I'm not fond of weddings...especially those that are over a hundred miles a way. But my daughter and I went to that wedding even though I was dreading it.

And Gary was there......my Gary.

He had lost his wife of 28 years to cancer the previous year. My heart went out to him.....and I knew he was THE ONE that God intended for me.

We met Nov. 27, 1989. On New Years Day, he proposed to me, and we were married July 7, 1990. Fast? No....I had waited a lifetime for him.

"Thank you Lord, for allowing me to have a mate so perfect for me."

animated heart

Little JoBug


I love her name. Maybe that's because I named her. Pretty good name choosing for a child under 4 years old, don't you think?

I wish I had a different picture of Jo. This one does not do her justice. She is so pretty!

You know how people always stick labels on you? I guess when your referring to a family with six girls in it you have to sometimes. When we were growing up, and people would be trying to tell someone about one of us girls, They would say things like,"You know, Rinda, the bubbly one", or "Betty, the sweet one". When they spoke of Jo it was always, "You know, Jo, the pretty one." The label should have been "Jo, the pretty one that is so efficient." This woman is an expert organizer! Quiet? Somewhat, perhaps. But she certainly knows how to take care of business, and is no shrinking violet.

I've always felt especially close to my sister, Jo. Maybe that's because we are nearer in age and have all that childhood history behind us. Or maybe it's the history between us that was made when we were no longer children. :-)

When we were younger, people often mistook her quietness for aloofness....others thought of her as meek. She is neither. She is easily the warmest, most gentle, caring person I know. I don't know what mom and dad would do without her. Her three sons are very lucky to have her as their mother. I am very lucky to have her for a sister. She is another of the blessings I thank God for regularly.

Jo is a more private person than I am(I think EVERYONE is....my life has always been an open book :-)and I'll respect that.

I will say.......about ten years ago a guy came knocking at her door . It was a guy she had gone to school with way back in the sixties. He told her that he'd had a big crush on her then, never forgotten her, and had recently found out that she was back in the hometown, and single.

They've been married nine years now. I think that's rather romantic.


Ray..If you only get one brother, it should be one like him


The picture is bad....but the brother is the greatest.


Picture of Ray and Leslee

And so is his wife Leslee

animated heart image

Ray was right in the middle of us six girls....almost like a dividing line. He has always been there for each of his sisters, whatever the need was. I guess that might have been expected with the three younger girls....after all, Ray was their 'big brother.' But he was just as supportive and protective of the older three as well. My mother will tell you that he is THE perfect son.

I always think of my brother as the strong, silent type.......kind of like a John Wayne with golf clubs. He doesn't need to talk just to hear his own voice. When he speaks, he really says something. At least that is what I'm usually expecting from him. Then out of the blue he will say something incredibly funny......I mean, FUN-NY, revealing his wonderful sense of humor.

Ray met Leslee while they were both attending college in southern Oregon. He was there because it was near home and family...only about 100 miles away. Leslee was from San Francisco,California, a very different background than Ray's small town upbringing.

The first time I met Leslee, I couldn't believe she was a big city girl. I thought she was much too sweet and naive to be from the sophisticated background that she spoke of. I learned the family was more comfortable finacially than Rays family, and that Les was the apple of her daddy's eye. Les should have been a spoiled brat. She wasn't. Even so,(forgive me Ray,Les) I thought, "This will never work, there's just too many differences."

They finished college.....They had a beautiful wedding.....They spent some time living in Germany while Ray did a stint in the Army.....Then settled into careers and life around the San Francisco Bay area. Les matured into one of the most talented, creative women I know. They've been married now for about twenty-seven years, and their love is still just as evident, just as supportive of each other as it was that day in the college dorm.



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