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Need some help this special day
Say a prayer I'm on my way
Bringing you the love I know
Like gentle breezes that will flow

Day of love that is designed
I fill your heart with love divined
Let me know the love you share
I'll point the arrow with great care

Find the one that's made for you
Heart of love that is so true
Give to you this special glow
In your heart you'll come to know

Love that is locked deep inside
Will show the way two hearts collide
This is what I'll do today
Give the word I'll find the way

Heart all filled with so much love
For wings that fly from up above
They send a special gentle breeze
That comes to you with greatest ease

On this day of love I share
The burst of love beyond compare
Love is waiting now for you
Today I'll make your dreams come true.

~ Francine Pucillo ~


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" A Love Song"
original composition by:
Original composition by Yuko Ohigashi

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