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If thoughts could paint pictures that words dare not speak,
And daydreams built castles of that which we seek,

 Then artists and architects all would we be,
Our hearts would be open, our minds would be free.


I'd build you a castle as daydreams unfold,
Revealing the feelings I secretly hold.

I'd paint you a picture of words left unsaid,
And feelings of closeness to which they have led.

But pictures are thoughts that so rarely are told,
For fear of appearing too forward and bold.

And castles are built in the daydreamer's heart,
A lifetime of wishes still lifetimes apart.

And yet we are richer for all that we feel,
No matter how abstract, no matter how real.

For joy is a picture we paint in our minds,
And love is the castle our hearts hope to find.
Author Unknown


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