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Fireworks for Independence Day!!

Happy 4th of July.



As sparks light up the heavens
Our nation all will stand
Place their hands across their hearts
Allegiance to our Land

When folks will gather all as one
They'll celebrate this day
Think of all the precious hearts
We've lost along the way

Celebrate and always know
That united we stand tall
One for all and all for one
Each race and creed our shawl

When we rest our heads at night
Our nation stands her keep
Watching us and guarding us
With love that goes so deep

Stand for honor brave and true
Let's hoist our flags up high
So everyone around the world
Knows freedom never dies

Here's to us the USA
With glory we stand fast
Holding on to freedom's light
Each dawn our love amassed.

Francine Pucillo ~

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