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The thunder rolls, and the lighting strikes. The thunder rolls, and the lighting strikes.
Green-eyed ghostWelcome to The haunted house in Wren's World.  C'mon in and have some fun...if you're brave enough.Green-eyed ghost

Haunted House Adventure title graphic.

The house stands on the hill
In the midst of a graveyard, still
The windows are gone,
but it's not the wind's song
that causes your bones to chill.

Hear those bones creaking as this skeleton rises from his coffin?

What was that? Did you hear it?
The rattling of bones?
Me thinks that the ghost and the goblins
and things of the night
Prefer you don't enter their home.

Spooky house on a hill.

But if your strong-hearted and brave
And promise that you'll lead the way
Then I'll follow you in
Let the adventure begin
Yikes! Your gone without even a wave!
Rinda NelsonŠ2001

Did you tell Dracula "Good-bye"? He's such a SENSITIVE guy. Rudness REALLY upsets him, you know.



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