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Spirit For Spirit

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(or What We Do For EachOther)

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All your hurts, I will heal.

I will gather the herbs that strengthen,

I will blend the medicine that cures,

I will smooth on the balm that soothes your being--

And burn incense to ease your spirit's fears.

I will chant over you the words of healing--

the secret words--

the words of yourself--

and opening up my veins,

I will let pulse out into you my strength--

my lifeforce--

it's beat keeping the rhythm

of the song that I will sing to you--

the song of your soul.

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I will stand over you in your weakness--

guard you in your weakness--

fire will shoot from my eyes,

and swords from my mouth,

as I shield you with my self--

from all that threatens--

from all that may do you harm.

I will stand over you until you are strong,

until you are wholly you again,

the healer who healed me,

the warrior who protected me--

when it was I who was in pain and alone.

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an animated moon, moving from dark to full moon

Author : Kim LeBlanc

Printed with permission Wren's World©2000

all rights reserved by Kim LeBlanc

Thank you Kim, for loaning me this beautiful poem

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And thank you, SheoWolf for sharing the most beautiful Native American background graphics on the Web.

SheoWolf Designs



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