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The sweetest sound heard by human ear, must surely be the voice of a child in prayer.
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She whispered very quietly
With passion this her plea
Dear Jesus up in heaven
Please come and stay with me

Watch me and protect me
Each and every day
Bless my family and my friends
Within their hearts please stay

I always feel You near me
In everything I do
My Mama tells me daily
You really love me too

So today I want to thank You
For loving me so much
Take the time to let You know
I feel Your gentle touch

Now before I go to sleep
Please stay and be my guest
I'll feel Your Arms around me
My heart will be so blest

Jesus stay beside me
I'll sing sweet lullabye
The way Your Mommy used to
Now rest and close Your eyes.

Francine Pucillo©2002©2001

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"Jesus Loves Me Medley"
sequenced by Margi Harrell