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Heaven On Earth is having a Son like You




For My Son Tonywith Love.......


A Parent sees a son through

so many ups and downs, it's true,

Through all the years until he's finally grown.

It starts with tender lullabies,

Then school, then proms--the time just flies...

And far too soon he's off and on his own.

His future holds so much in store,

And nothing's like it was before,

The change is sometimes hard to comprehend...

But if your lucky, you will find

As time goes on you will not mind,

For in his place you've gained a brand-new friend.

Tony, from the day that you were born, until this minute

No parent could ask for a better son....

My world's a wonderous place because your in it,

Your friendship is my most treasured one

Thank You for all the joy and all the laughter

And thank you for the love you've given me

My wish for you today and ever-after

Is that these blessings will be returned abunduntly.

You're more than a son~you're a good friend as well~and I love you so very much.

Happy Birthday, Son

Yo' Mama



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