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Lessons From A Bluebird.


One morning I was in the park, 
Just as the sun was rising, 
Few people then were up and out, 
Which, of course, was not surprising.

I liked being there alone, 
Although let me qualify, 
I really wasn't by myself, 
It was my God and I. 

I was talking up a blue streak, 
As I told God all my plans, 
I also did not hesitate, 
To make some prayer demands.

A Glorious God! A Glorious Day! 
And, oh, how glorious felt I! 
I was content and happy, 
I was so satisfied!

I mused a bit about myself, 
Yes, I think I've done things right, 
I go to church most Sundays, 
And often Wednesday nights.

I tithe with regularity, 
Support causes I think just, 
Buy Girl Scout cookies at my door, 
And other things I must.

I like to hear the clink, clink, clink, 
Of coins against metal, 
When at Christmas time I drop some in, 
A Salvation Army kettle.

I write a good check every year,
To The Cancer Institute,
And I make an annual payment,
For Easter Seals, to boot. 

I pack up the old clothes, 
That I no longer wear, 
There is this truck that picks them up, 
Delivers them to Welfare.

I felt so good about myself, 
I felt righteous; I felt proud, 
I could always walk in public, 
With my head above the crowd.
With that, I straightened up my shoulders, 
Thinking, yes, I've done a lot, 
God must surely love me now, 
For sharing what I've got.

I think I've earned a place in heaven, 
Where I'll spend eternity, 
I felt very comfortable, 
And I walked on happily.

Then I looked up and spotted, 
A lovely bluebird in the sky, 
A harbinger of happiness, 
A divine sign from up on high.

I watched it circling in the air,
It seemed to stay with me,
My own Bluebird of Happiness,
Such a joyful sight to see.

Then, suddenly it stopped,
And hovered in the air,
I had no cover for my head,
It sent a missile to my hair!

Now, do not laugh at my distress,
At the lesson of the bluebird,
I got my due comeuppance,
I felt humbled and absurd.
This little bluebird has an inspirational message of his own.
God can't abide man's foolish pride,
That is the moral of my tale,
Self-righteousness is not of God,
And homes in heaven aren't for sale.

Author: Virginia Ellis


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