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You've entered into my moments of happiness that are

a little piece of Heaven On Earth" for me

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Turn out the lights...The party's over...

And it was a great time while it lasted. But there is always a wee bit of a let down after an especially good time has ended.

My family has all returned to their homes. What a joy it was to spend time with my brother Ray and his wife, Leslee from California. Altho, I didn't get as much one on one visiting with my brother as I would have liked. Hey, Ray...if you'd learn to cook, we could spend more time together. :-) Les and I had a great time in the kitchen!!

Mom and Dad made it here from southern Oregon. You can stop apologizing now for giving us all a scare when you became so ill, Mom. Even sick, you still make the best cornbread dressing in the world. You and Dad add so much to the holidays...it wouldn't be Christmas without you.

My son, Tony, and his sons,Tyler and Josh,and Josh's mom Anne; My daughter, Shana and her three girls,Alexis, Lynzey and Nichole all arrived with lots of fun, laughter, nonsense, and presents to add to the festivities. Before we opened those presents, we spent some time reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas as Alexis and Lynzey took turns reading Luke chapter two from the Bible about the birth of Christ. This has been part of our Christmas Eve tradition since Lexi first learned to read well.

Tyler, I didn't have time while you were here on this visit, but on your next visit I'll show you how good I am at playing that Donkey Kong game you got for Christmas.(You didn't think your grandma would give you something she hadn't checked out first, did you?)

Yes, it was a wonderful time.....but the party's over...and right now the nest feels a little empty.

flying bird

An Empty Nest


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Heavens Gate

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