Jo Etta
Happy Birthday, Jo-Bug

Your eyes are so beautiful...
seeing the beauty in others,
seeing the beauty around you and allowing others to see it through your eyes.

Your heart is so beautiful...
hearing the unspoken,
feeling the unspeakable,
discerning the silent need.

Your mind is so beautiful...
perceiving the thoughts of others,
understanding the complexities around you,
not waiting to be called upon.

Your physical beauty
was a gift at birth,
but the pretty girl that you once were
has become the most beautiful of women.

Your beauty has deepened with each passing year,
in ways that cannot be enhanced with cosmetics,
in ways that cannot wrinkle with time.


I love you so very much, Little Sister, and am praying that this day will be filled and over-flowing with the joy you are so deserving of.

Happy, Happy Birthday