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A fire started on some grassland near a farm. The county fire department was called to put out the fire, but the fire was more than the county fire department could handle
house on fire

Someone suggested that a nearby volunteer bunch be called. Despite some doubt that the volunteer outfit would be of any assistance, the call was made and soon the volunteers arrived in a dilapidated old fire truck.
An old firetruck

They rumbled straight towards the fire, and drove right into the middle of the flames before they finally stopped! The firemen jumped off the truck and frantically started spraying water in all directions.
firemen trying to put out fire

Soon they had snuffed out the center of the fire, breaking the blaze into two easily controlled parts.
Whew! Fire fighting is not easy

Watching all this, the farmer was so impressed with the volunteer fire department's work and was so grateful that his farm had been spared, that right there on the spot he presented the volunteers with a check for $1,000.
writting a check for $1000.00

A local news reporter asked the volunteer fire captain what the department planned to do with the funds.

"That ought to be obvious," he responded, wiping the sweat off his brow.

Fireman being interviewed

"The first thing we're gonna do is get the brakes fixed on our fire truck!!

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