His Eye Is On The Sparrow, and I know He watches me
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Come on girls, lets do it
We can tap those toes.
Had a sale at Macy's,
Got us some support hose.

Loose skin?  It's no problem
Just you swing and sway.
Thighs to ankles ladies,
You sure do look okay.

Where'd you get those costumes?
They sure are looking grand.
Come on girls, we'll make it,
Move those legs and hands.

You all look so remarkable
Aren't we just blessed?
Moving on the stage of life
This is sure some test.

Hearts are beating fast now,
Come on girls, lets go!
Paramedics are outside,
Let's not worry though.

Let's join hands together,
Kick those legs up high.
This place is really jumping,
Honey, that's no lie.

Who said we can't do it?
Let's show em how to dance!
Experience is on our side,
Perhaps a little chance.

Move those feet together
Jiggle sway and then,
Let them know this gang of ours
Is coming back again!
~ Francine Pucillo©2002 ~



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