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Veteran's Day (title graphic)
By Marsha Burks Megehee... The Poet Warrior

The color guard held Old Glory high.
It was Veterans Day in the Town Square.
There stood an old soldier...a tear in his eyes
In his uniform...pressed, but threadbare.

  You could tell he'd worn it each Veterans Day
With his medals, all polished and bright.
He spoke to the crowd..."There's a price to pay
When we send off our young men to fight!
U.S. Silver Star Medal
For God and Country...and Uncle Sam
For the freedom of those who aren't free
France, the Philippines, Korea, Vietnam
And those wars that are still yet to be!

  Those boys left behind...trouble my mind
When this old soldier can't sleep at night.
It's been many years...since Nixon resigned.
Our Missing Ones must be made right!

  My son's MIA...It was sixty-five
Mother prayed each night...till she died
Her final whisper..."I know he's alive!
And I pray our God's by his side!"
  A Vet's mom (graphic)
Heads bowed...POWs...Forgotten...Denied
God's Truth too long hidden away!
America's Heroes...led away...hands tied
This great country has nothing to say!

  I know next year that I won't be here
Like this uniform...I've seen better days.
Honor our Veterans...then shed my tears
For our missing far away! ''

Image of a saluting soldier.
"Veteran's Day" Written and Copyrighted by:
Marsha Burks Megehee©1998


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A salute of appreciation to all the men and women who fight for freedom...past, present and future.

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