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There was a preacher who was an avid golfer. Every chance he could get, he could be found on the golf course, swinging away.  It was an obsession.

The Preacher

One Sunday, it was a picture perfect day for golfing. The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, the temperature was just right.  The preacher was in a quandary as to what to do, and soon the urge to play golf was just too much. He gave in to the temptation.  He called the Assistant Pastor, told him he was sick, and could not do church.  Then he packed the car up, and drove 3 hours to a golf course where no-one would recognize  him.

The preacher...ready to tee off.

Happily, he began to play the course.


An Angel in Heaven was watching the preacher, and was quite perturbed.  Not only was the preacher shirking his duties on the Sabbath for his personal pleasure, but he had added the sin of lying in order to do so.
Uh oh...We have no secrets from Him :o)

"Look at that preacher," the angel said to the Lord.  "He should be punished." And the Lord nodded in agreement.


The preacher teed up on the first hole.  He swung at the ball, and it sailed effortlessly through the air, and landed in the cup 350 yards away.  A picture perfect hole-in-one!  The preacher was amazed, and excited.

Golfer swings

The Angel was a little shocked, and turned to the Lord, saying, "Excuse me, but I thought you were going to punish him for his wrongdoing."


The Lord smiled. "Think about it.  Who can he tell?"

It's a Hole-In-One!!


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