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 "Yeah, I know why you pulled me over but its not my fault. My dog jumped on the gas pedal."

 "Do I know how fast I was going? Well it depends on how long you were following me!"

"I was speeding 85mph in a 55mph zone because I am almost out of gas and need to get to a gas station before I run out."

"Yes I have been drinking a little. But are you sure you smell alcohol and not 'b.o.'? I haven't had a shower today.

"You can't possibly smell marijuana, it's been almost an hour since I smoked any pot."

"But Officer, you couldn't have clocked me on radar because I've got pieces of tin foil in my hubcaps... and it allows me to evade the radar beam by throwing it off."

"I know it's illegal to drive while intoxicated, but I was too drunk to walk."

"I would have stopped at the stop sign if anyone was coming."

"Officer, I have never stopped at that stop sign, and no other officer has said anything about it." 

"Of course  I'm drunk! Do you think I drive like this all the time?"



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