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Join Me In The Garden

The heart is a garden
That always has room
For the flowers of kindness
And friendship that blooms

The beauty of friendship -
As every friend knows -
Is the loveliest blossom
In the heart where it grows!


This special gift I offer
It comes straight from my heart
Bouquet of sweetest flowers
My priceless work of art

Each one my buried treasure
So they would bloom with love
I give them with such bounty
The heart sends whispers of

Fragrance of sweet flowers
That waft throughout the air
I hand them to you daily
With love that can't compare

Welcome to my garden
My very precious guest
I offer you my flowers
Each one is love's bequest

If love could fill my garden
Then you would be the bloom
That fills my heart with radiance
Each velvet petal looms

Touched with gentle caring
That's how my flowers grow
Love that's filled with sunshine
Where gentle breezes flow.
~ Francine Pucilloİ2002 ~


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"Gentle Love"
Bruce De Boerİ2001