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God Can Cause Stars To Fly by Jeanne Carlton Walters




Gazing at the dark night sky
Stars stood still in their universe
Thoughts of you, of our last days
Tears fell, melted crystal's of pain

Why God? When life can be fine
She left me alone, too soon to die?
Shooting across the Heaven bright
One large star, looked down on me

I felt so small, a speck of sand
Who was I, to question His plan
He loved her more, even than I
Mercy came to her through Him

Peace replaced an empty hole
Burning deep inside my heart
God sent that star, bright, swift
Peace came to my broken self

I shall always remember in my heart
The night of the star, that God sent
To show nothing is without reason
My time comes, both shall greet me

Easy for God to cause stars to fly
To give life, so all would love Him
In my pain I forgot my purpose
I, again, live in peace, for Him

Jeanne Carlton Walters 2003

Dedicated to: 
Margaret Jeanne Carlton 1919-2003

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Dedicated to Margaret Jeanne Carlton, the beloved mother of author Jeanne Carlton Walters, who lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer Oct. 11th. 2003.

If Pancreatic Cancer is affecting your life, Jeanne has a wonderful website devoted to this cause.  Please visit http://pcangels.org to join others who understand and care.

"He Touched Me"
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