They walk close together
They've done this before
Today it is different
They found love once more

For years many struggles
Each one had their part
Now for some reason
Their life has new start

So as the tides ebb now
The soft sand will soothe
Arms 'round each other
Their journey is smooth

Chance to start over
No words need be said
No looking behind now
Their eyes straight ahead

Caught in the magic
Of waves on the shore
Sparkling like diamonds
They're spirits now soar

Soft are the breezes
That always revive
Walking toward sunrise
Their love comes alive.

~Francine PucilloŠ2002 ~


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??? Midi is something about "Moments"...but WHAT???

I do not know the name of the midi playing...(and it's driving me crazy...cuz it's sooo familiar to me :o) 
I am however, certain that it is performed by the talented Margi Harrell. 
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