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My mother's eyes

My Mother's Eyes

I've gone through life never giving
much thought to how I was created.
"You do not look like your parents",
was a quote too many times stated.

Yet I arose this morning and began my day
staring into my looking glass,
an old familiar feeling of recognition stared back,
but this time it did not pass.

I bent even closer as tears ran down,
then smiled as I realized,
 there in my mirror,  gazing back at me,
I saw my mother's eyes.

The same warm hue, that cried for me
whenever I was in pain,
has been given to me, by God,
a gift, forever to remain.

When sweet Jesus calls her home,
and her soul to heaven will rise,
She will leave one thing bound to this earth
......For I have my mother's eyes.

Author: Unknown

My Mother's Eyes Song Lyrics

One bright and shining light,
That taught me wrong from right,
I found in my mother's eyes,

Those baby tales she told,
That road all paved with gold,
I found in my mother's eyes,

Just like a wandering sparrow,
One lonely soul,
I walked the straight and narrow,
To reach my goal,

God's gift sent from above,
A real unselfish love,
I found in my mother's eyes.

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"My Mother's Eyes"
Sequenced by: RedSal

"His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me."
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