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The first year she was a pumpkin and donned an orange smock;
Her daddy took her trick-or-treating, though she had not yet learned to walk.
The next year she was a bunny, and on one leg she would hop,
While her left ear stood up straight, and the right one swing and flop.

Then a bride costume from Grandpa a long skirt and lacy blouse,
But she tripped over the train...so Daddy carried her to each house.

The 4th year brought us Lion King, and she roared both day and night
She was either "Simba" or "Nala" (I never could get that right)

The next year as she got dressed, she kept on asking why,
If she was "Super girl", why then could she not fly?

Her 6th year she was all in pink, protecting us from danger,
As she kicked and "Karate-chopped" the air as "Kimberly" the Power Ranger.

Then at seven, she wore a yellow gown beauty at the least...
Insisting that her sister by default, was the beast.

My heart knew the time would come, and this year our walk ends...
She said, "It's not cool for Mom to go, I want to walk with friends!"

So I figured out what I will say with one excuse or another,
In case she notices the ghost behind her walks a little bit like her mother!"
I still have Halloweens to come my little one's only three,
But what worries me is...when she grows up....

Author: Linda Ellis
For Permission to use poem

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