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AND THEY CALL IT PUPPY LOVE!  (Who could help falling in love with this cute puppy.)


Wishing and I'm hoping
That you will find me here
Anxiously awaiting
Happiness to share

You and me together
A sight for eyes to see
Such an inspiration
I know that we will be

Love is waiting for you
With dream that I will find
You are all I ask for
Always on my mind

Take a chance and love me
You know I'll be right there
Today and then forever
My heart is yours to wear

I will seek no other
When you are by my side
I'll walk beside you gladly
Always be your guide

Always ever faithful
With love that is so true
What more in life to ask for
To make my dreams come true.
~ Francine PucilloŠ2001-2003
Forever Yours, Valentine


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"Puppy Love"
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