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I Found God Today
I found God today in many faces
Every place I looked word graphic

I found God today in the face of a friend.Graphic is of a ladies face.

I found God today through the eyes of a child
He looked up at me and he gave me a smile
He brought me such comfort for which I have longed
Through the eyes of a child I realized I belonged

I found God today in an old woman's face
As she held my hands, I felt God's embrace
From problems in life I knew I would prevail
Which I felt through her hands so old and so frail

I found God today in the warmth of a friend
Who has given me strength for which I can depend
When life had me down and I felt so depressed
I realized through my friend just how much I was blessed

I found God today when I searched for so long
And it's now I realize, he's been there all along
In family and friends and in all who I see
Each day I find God and now I've found him in me

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I found God today....in me. Graphic is of a man in prayer.

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I found God today in the smile of a child. Graphic is of a child's face.

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