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Cowboy Joe

February 14th, 1887

 Dear Joe,

I got your letter with the poems sent along . . .
I think the one called "Nellie Dear" would make a pretty song.

"This Ain't No Bull" is funny--how you chased that moss back steer,
and "High Lonesome" made me wonder if you're missing things back here.

The one entitled "High Jinks," well, that really made me laugh!
I had to shed a tear or two when I read your "Maverick Calf". . .

And the one about the saddle "creaking, squeaking, speaking low;"
And I liked "A Cowboy's Christmas", 'bout the pine trees in the snow.

Mama's standing here reminding me about that final poem,
The one you called, "My Sweetheart," 'bout a cowboy all alone.

She says it's a proposal of marriage, she can see,
'Especially since his name is Joe, and the girl is Nell, like me.

Mama says a cowboy's lot is rough, and I guess I must agree,
the lonely life of a cowman's wife would not appeal to me.

Now, maybe, if you'd come back home (Ohio's nice, you know)
And work in Uncle Ralph's feed store, we could talk about it, Joe.

Well, I guess that's all. Good night, now. I hope your horse is well.
Thanks for the poems. Keep writing,

Yours very truly,

P.S.   I write by candle light, now Mama's gone to bed;
She'll go to town tomorrow, and she'll mail this then, she said.
Regarding tonight's letter, you can disregard the rest;
My answer to your question, Joe, is "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"
I want to be a cowman's wife! I want to hear you sing!
I want to hear you say, "I do", as you place on my hand a ring. . . . 

Come and get me, Joe, my cowboy! I can scarcely wait until
we ride off into the sunset!

Sealed with love,
Your sweetheart,

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