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Dear Lord, we stand on your word and ask that you bless our family and friends

I said a Prayer for you today

I said a prayer for you today

I said a Prayer for you today,
I know that our Lord heard.
And asked that he would bless you,
As He promised in his word.

A prayer from the heart for you

I didn't ask for wealth or glory,
I knew you'd understand.
I asked for God to send you joy,
And lend a helping hand.

A prayer from the heart for you

I asked that He surround you,
With his love and constant care,
To give you health and bless you,
With friends who will be there.

I prayed for comfort for you,
For peace of mind, and then......
I asked that He remind you,
I'll pray for you...... again.

Author:  Rinda NelsonŠ2000

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