No Sound Trouble Shooter

First check speaker volume and sound settings 
(click the yellow horn in the bottom right of your screen and make sure the midi volume is turned up)

Let the page load completely and wait a couple of seconds as some operating systems load the song last.

If song does not start, first try refreshing the page (F5 on your keyboard)

If there still is no music, here are a couple things to check in your Windows Media Player.

Open your Windows Media Player (Start, All Programs, Windows Media Player)

Click Tools, then Options

Then File Types (On some it is formats)
Click Select All, then Apply, and OK

If that doesn't work your player is most likely outdated or you have missed some player updates.

Update your Windows Media Player here

 Sometimes, other programs you've installed like QuickTime, Realplayer or other programs will change default file association with MIDI and WAV formats. This can cause problems with hearing the music on some websites. You can correct this problem quite easily by downloading and reinstalling the latest version of Windows Media Player.



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