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To Those Of You Who Have Asked

Dancing With the Wolf

Sometimes my Dance is very fast,
Sometimes my Dance is slow;
It all depends upon the day,
And how my symptoms go.

  Sometimes the Dance is an Irish Jig,
When my energy is high;
Most of the time I Dance a waltz,
When the fatigue is drawing nigh.

  Sometimes the Dance slows to a shuffle,
And I let the day slide by;
Some days I donít Dance at all,
But lay in bed and cry.

  I do many kinds of Dances now,
That the Wolf has become my partner;
My hope is that, as the steps are learned,
I will learn to Dance much smarter.

  The Wolf has slowed my Dancing down,
And I take the time to discover,
My Lord, My Strength, My Jesus,
Is a partner like no other.

  I lean on Him when times are bad,
And I know that He can see;
The three of us are partners now,
Jesus, the Wolf, and me.

  Whether the day is very good,
Or full of pain and strife;
I thank Jesus every day
For this gift - The Dance Of Life.


I never know from one day to the next how I will be feeling, but TODAY I feel better, and I am grateful for that. 

Lela, I'm thinkin' of you... thank you for those prayers.  Hope your blessings are many.

Stay well and happy.....Wren


Some visitors to Wren's World are aware that I am currently coping with a lupus 'flare', and have been kind enough to email me, inquiring about how things are going with me. 

First, let me say how much I appreciate your concern.  You have touched my heart, and uplifted my spirits during some pretty trying days.  I have tried to reply to each of your kind and thoughtful letters, although I know that a few have "slipped through the cracks" due to receiving them during a particularly bad day.  For this I apologize.  Please, please forgive me. I promise, I will try to do better :o)

Geeze, what can I say about how I'm feeling?  It changes from day to day... sometimes it seems to change from one minute to the next.  

There have been days when I have to force myself out of bed in the morning.  At other times, I can't sleep at all, and may be up for the day in the middle of the night.

One second, it's my legs that hurt unbearably, the next it may be my arms...then it's chest pains.  I know my poor husband  doesn't understand how the pain can just shift from one place to another, but those of you who are familiar with the autoimmune diseases, such as lupus and MS, know this is not unusual.

Sometimes, during the past couple of months, there have been weeks that I have closed my window blinds and let my phone calls go unanswered, not wanting to see or talk to anyone.  I'm just too tired.  The fatigue is too great, and my mind feels too numb to make conversation.  Thank God... and I mean that literally... these period are becoming less frequent.

Besides the pain, there has been a tremendous amount of swelling with this flare that I have not experienced before.  Most days, my feet have been so swollen that I've been unable to wear my shoes.  This too, is getting under control again. I gained 30 pounds almost overnight, and it stayed with me for over a month. Two weeks ago, I lost 14 pounds of those excess fluids... again, just overnight. Got up in the morning and they were gone, and I was able to wear shoes again! That was great, because I refused to go out of the house wearing a pair of 'flip-flops' this time of year. :o)

This is the longest lasting flare I've had in some time, but I know that it will soon run it's course.  It always does. This past week has been a "better" one, and I have felt like doing some of the things I enjoy. Took the grandkids to church and we had lunch in the park afterwards. Washed windows... ok, so it was just the kitchen windows :o).. but it sure has felt good to be doing 'normal' things with minimal pain. I've even got a few new pages up in WrensWorld, including this new section on Lupus.

There has been some nice side effects to all this recent down time.  It has caused me to spend less time on the computer, and more time in prayer.  Less time running errands for my daughter (the working single mother of my three grand-daughters) and more time reading my Bible.  And though I normally take care of my grand-daughters while their mother works, I have learned they can take care of me. That's nice.

And then there has been the letters and concern that you have shown, reflecting Gods awesome love, to someone you don't even know.  I thank you for that....


Wishing you good health, happiness... and His peace.  And Always remember to be good to yourself..... Wren.

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