Jack and Sue...I love ya, and wish I could be there to share this very special day with you.

May you continue to walk hand in hand forever.




Bands Of Gold title words graphic.

A precious band of gold was placed 
thirty-one years ago, 
upon the hearts of bride and groom 
who vowed their love would grow. 

The gold was not within the ring, 
nor in their faces fair, 
It wasn’t in their youth or charm, 
but in the love they shared. 

The gold was there for them to spend 
when silver coins were rare 
it didn’t buy them more to have, 
but taught them how to share.
The wonder of this band of gold, 
if you can comprehend... 
each time they used their gift of love, 
there was that much more to spend. 

It bought them trust, it bought them hope, 
a tender hand to hold... 
it bought a blessing wrapped in love; 
A marriage carved in gold.

Ren, Shana and Families


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